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Picking Out Your Phone Case

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You can’t imagine how many phone repairs we’ve managed that could’ve been fixed with a good phone case.



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Time to Pick the Kind of Case You Want

Rugged Cases:

These are very big cases that heavily protect your phone, but they do make your phone huge, heavy and way harder to use.

Tough Cases:

Will protect your phone, lighter than the rugged cases.


Slim Cases:

Small cases, you can’t actually expect it to protect your phone, but damn it still looks nice and protect from scratches. This is for the people who prefer style over protection.Blue case iPhone

Folio Cases:

A good combination of style and protection. These are the cases that look like wallets. They have a few card slots and provide a nice feel to the phone.iPhone Folio Case

Battery Cases:

Charges your phone, but isn’t really made to protect it. Tends to be bulky.


Research thoroughly:

First you have to find the case that’s in your price range, but don’t just pick the cheapest. What’s the point of having a case that doesn’t protect your phone, even if it is only 10 dollars. Look at all the reviews the case has and if you can’t find reviews for that specific case then research the company. There’s certain cases where you can’t find reviews for either the product or the company. Beware of these cases, often times people buy cases from the manufacturer and white label it. White labeling is when somebody takes a product and rebrands it to make it appear as if they made it. White label is the reason why you see so many new companies rise and fall after customer support can’t handle all the complaints. often they just close down and open again with a new name. Stay away from products with no reviews. Especially from sketchy new sites.

Always look around: No matter how heavily discounted the site says a case is, there’s probably somebody selling it for cheaper. Do a search in google, ebay and amazon often sell cheap, but it’s always good to have a look around everywhere.

Sites I recommend: amazon and ebay.

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