The Beginnings of My Phone Repair Business

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Just Updating You Guys About My Phone Repair Business

Hey guys, i’m not one to post a lot about myself, but these weeks have been hectic and i’ve been wanting to give an update. First of all, I did it, finally opened my own business. Third party phone repair is something I always thought brings value to the community. I’ve been fixing phones for a while. I have slowly realized that it costs much less to do it outside of the actual phone manufacturers.

Protip: My Service is $30 Cheaper than doing it at an Apple store.

What’s been done so Far

The website is almost done: 

a few tweaks there and some more plugins and this bad boy should be running itself. I might add some eCommerce in here, but it’s basically done.

Boca Raton Phone Fix

Branding is looking good:

 Got some logos and banners done, so we’re looking professional.

Social Medias All Setup: Twitter Facebook and Google Plus. Instagram is on its way.

Goals for the future

Open Up a Bigger Store

Expand Into Other brands Besides iPhones

Hire More Employees

Go into Other Cities